Mohammad sadab's Placement story - Hired by GeeksforGeeks

My name is mohammad sadab. I have completed my btech from Aligarh muslim university 2019 batch. My branch was computer core cse , i do alot of coding in various platform and i was good in ds algo but unfortunately i didnt get placed beacause i was unable to deliver the exact things which was asked by the interviewers.

There are so many courses out there, why did you decide to join Attainu Course?

Basically after not getting placed i came to my home and started practising. Then i found Attainu ad in facebook/instagram .I filled the form because of there policies that you need to pay only after geeting placed and luckly got call from attainu did all the proccess required and joined attainu upcoming batch.

How was your learning experience at Attainu?

Yes teaching style in Attainu is pretty well than others. Expert instructors for live coding clases . They have mentors for one to one doubt solving. Daily assignments and coding challenges were given to us for practise. One of the best thing is if you perform good in you monthly test/cc/assignments, you ll be promoted to mentor then you can learn other skills like leadership and you ll also get paid for that.

How did Attainu help you in your placements?

Because of their regular mock interviews in which one students take interview of other students and regular coding practises i was able to crack GeeksforGreeks.