Mukhtar Ahmad

Mohd Mukhtar Ahmad’s Placement story

Interview Experience of the company you got placed in?

The experience was really great as all of my interview round went really smooth so i ll break this into two rounds first the hr called me to know why i could be the strong candidate for the profile and he asked me some questions related to what was mentioned there in my resume. Second round was technical live coding round it all started well with a small intro we went staright to business after that in which i had to solve the problem which was given by technical lead of the company and after that successfully completing the tech round finally it was a third round it was more of a interpersonal communication round as the ceo of the company asked me about myself my background and offcouse about attainu then where do i see myself in five years and all at the end we all know it comes down to salary discussion and then the job offer was sent to me.

What does it take to get a job in current scenario?

Well its totally about keeping your self calm and composed throughout the process. You have to keep on trying and hustling for your job offer which might me be one interview away so never stop believing in yourself take it as your new daily routine until you get that job offer.

Which platform/s are most useful to search and get the jobs?

Well there are several platforms which are really useful to get a job like angellist, indeed,, linkedin and glassdoor i will really recomend these platform and apart form these there is one more way that is refferal dont hesitate to ask your friend to refer your name in their company and surely you ll get advantage over other candidates.

Important topics or areas one should focus on to crack the interviews?

Your should really focus on your basic no advance stuff nothing it’ll come down to those basic stuff which we might ignore because of the advance concept thinking what if the employer ask us this and that which they usually do ya they might ask you that sort of questions as well but it all depends on the company and the job profile you are applying too. But the basic i am talking about here is gonna come everywhere in your interview lets say they ask you 15 questions then keep it mind that 10 to 12 questions gonna be about the basic stuffs. One should get his/her basics done to crack the interview.

Was AttainU’s course helpful for you? If yes how?

Yes it helped eventually beacause you get to learn the exact technologies which is required to land a job out there. So at attainu i got to learn how to handle the project from backend to frontend so that gave me some sort of confidense beacause as we all know due to this covid situation all the companies are looking for experienced guys out there. Since i have done several projects which really helped me to stand out from the fresher league when i was applying for the job.

Course Curriculum Feedback?

The curriculum is really amazing because the stack attainu teaches which is called mern stack gonna be revolutionary things in few years and companies are also looking for the right guys to handle it. So yes curriculum gives you an advantage.

Any advice for the AttainU grads looking for the jobs?

So all of those who are reading this you are just one call away from your job trust me there is no such mantra to land a job you can only get prefrence but it will come down to you again speaking out of my recent experiences i myself never face such big interviews you ll be nervous you ll have fear of failure but that shouldnt stop you from reaching your goal there will be times when you basically feel drain exhausted and totally demoarlised so this is the time when you keep your headup keep going and keep learning from each interview experiences.

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