MOVIE REVIEW API - project by Vibhor Vaibhav



Description :

This is a simple RESTful API for indexing movies and their respective crowd-gathered ratings(0-5 stars) and reviews. It supports 2 types of users - normal and admin. Admin users have access to all the guarded routes of normal users : CRUD reviews/ratings/profile. Admin users have access to privileged routes as well like CRUD movies/other users.The API also supports searching for movies using exact match and part match strings. 

Technologies used :

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • MongoDB atlas(noSQL database deployment)
  • Postman(headless browser)
  • Elephant sql(sql database deployment)
  • Heroku (deployment)
  • Multer(file uploads)
  • Jtest(testing)
  • JWT (authentication and multi login)
  • VScode(code editor)
  • Bcrypt(hashing password)


Future scope :

We can expand this API to include TeleSeries i.e single title having multiple seasons and sub - titles. Further we can implement recommendations customized for users based on the current title being searched or reviewed.