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MovieBuddy – details about movies and web series


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We developed a web application for our capstone project named as MovieBuddy. So in this movie buddy, we can get details about the movie and web series which all are there in IMDb. We are using the IMDB movie database API to fetch the data regarding the movies and series. And even a user or the guest can search for the specific movies and web series whichever they want. They can get full details about the movies and web series by going through the specific movie page. The user can also get some more details about the specific movie web series by going through the Imbd redirect button which it uses to show the full details about the specific movies by redirecting you to the IMDB movie Page


  • Homepage
  • Landing page
  • Search bar
  • Movie cards
  • Search results components
  • Specific movie page
  • IMDB page
  • Movie details page

Technologies Used:

  • React.js
  • Redux.js
  • Reducers
  • Axios
  • Node.js

Developed By:

  • Ashish Singh chauhan
  • Manish.L


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