MPLAY - project by Rishav



What are you trying to build?

Here I am trying to build a music application to listen or enjoy music for free from anywhere. Basically, it allows users to access music from anywhere in the world from the internet.

Technology used and why you have you used it?

We have used Reactjs at frontend since it allows us to create responsive ui. It is useful in making responsive, front-end web development and it also contains CSS,Fonts and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components. Used Redux,redux-thunk,babel,axios,eslint many more these all makes my project more responsive and user-friendly

Node js is a server side platform built on google chrome’s javascript V8 engine for easily building fast and scalable network applications.Node js uses an event-driven ,non-blocking I/O model that makes it light weight and efficient perfect for data-intensive real time application that run across distributed devices.

In Spotify api fetching all the playlist in spotify and fetching random playlist,song title ,artist and album.Using spotify api to authentication where access will generate without access key user cant login.

Future work which can be done to improve the product.

In future scope of this project we can include more in a month:

  1. 1.Create a database to create playlist, delete playlist and edit playlist.
  2. 2.Account user profile where user can edit details of user.
  3. 3.User can able to search from album or existing playlist.