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Musify – A Music Streaming web Application

Stage 1 Project (Out of 3 Stages)

This project was developed by AttainU Students.

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What are we trying to build?

We built a music streaming web Application which is responsive and can be used both mobile and desktop. User can stream new songs and listen to them whenever and wherever they want. The user can add songs to their playlist and the streaming songs can be downloaded to their local machine, also we have the search option so that user can browse his own song, album, artist or composer the individual wants to listen to. We have used Spotify API to fetch the songs to our Application. We have a dark theme so that the user won’t get their eyes strained even after using the application for a long time.

Why did we choose to work on this project?

The reason we choose to work upon this project is because music has become part of our day to day life. Music helps to refresh our mind, this is one of the reasons which motivated us to built this application.

If we see in the developer point of view by building this application it had helped us to cover all the technologies we have learned so far and mainly it consists all CRUD operations to work on, so we choose to work upon this project.

Technologies used and why?

The technologies we have used to build this web application are:

Node & Express-js: We used node and express-js to allow users to navigate through the website blazingly fast.

Handlebars and Bootstrap: we used handlebars to render HTML pages and Bootstrap to style our pages

Spotify-WebAPI: we used spotify web API to fetch our dynamic data.

MongoDB Atlas: we used MongoDB Atlas as our no-SQL database to store user data and storing the data directly to cloud platform.

Heroku: to deploy our application.

Future scope of improvement?

Features we can integrate into future versions-

As of now, we could only play a preview of the song from Spotify API. So in future, we are trying to play the full song.

We can add favorite button to each song.

We can add synchronization.

We can add shuffle button.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4

Demo 5

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