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Nakurilelo (job portal) project by Ashwin Kumar Singh & Shubham Dixit

Nakurilelo (job portal)

I am Ashwin Kumar Singh from Hyderabad.I am a Btech CS graduate and I love Coding.
Currently,I am Pursuing Full Stack Web Development From AttainU and I am very happy
with what I am learning here.
I am a graduate and I know how difficult it is to find a Job.I have always wanted to create a
Job Portal which helps graduates like me to find a Job, that matches their skillset and helps
to move their Career further.
In the current Job Market, there is a mafia of Consultancy Services which dupe the Students
and Graduates , promising them Job
So, me with my partner Shubham Dixit have created this Minimalistic-Simplified Project
that would solve this problem by connecting Employers and Employees
Project Abstract:
In simple words , Naukri-Lelo API is a backend RESTful API that is built in Node.js/Express
and MongoDB/PSQL that include features like jobs, users, authentication

Naukri-Lelo, At a Glance:

Technologies Used:
The following ​Technologies​ and ​Methods​ were Employed to Complete this Project:
● Technologies:
● NodeJS/Express
● MongoDB
● Heroku ⇒ Deployment
● Postman ⇒ API testing

● Mongoose
● Sequelize
● Bcrypt
● File upload
● Nodemailer (email)
● Few others

● 1. We followed the MVC design Pattern with ES6
● 2. We employed Custom Error handling
● 3. Modularisation and Clean Coding Practice was Employed
● 4. Appropriate Comments were added to increase Readability
● 5. Email, Fileupload and Testing with Postman were done.

Future Scope and Learning:
● To make a Front end for this project using ReactJS
● To add extra features in Authentication ,to make it Scam-proof
● To add Extra Security Measures,at server side
My Learning:
● I learned the best coding Practices in Industry
● Teamwork and the Workflow
● Importance of Patience in the Developer’s life
● The Commitment to meet Deadlines


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