Naveen Bandela's Placement Story - Klay International

Naveen Bandela's Placement Story - Klay International

Naveen - AttainU graduate
Naveen Bandela

Tell us about yourself - Your background, your college and life before AttainU.


I am Naveen. I am from Hyderabad I completed my graduation in computer science engineering by 2017. I come from a middle-class family. My college education was purely technical. I also learnt behaviour skills and interpersonal skills. My college education turned out to be more theoretical, but when I joined AttainU I got the opportunity to learn practical skills and implement them.


How did you hear about AttainU? Describe your first reaction about AttainU program and thoughts about joining it.


I got to know about AttainU through Facebook. It was a breakthrough initiative. It was the first time that I came to know that we could pay the fees after our placements. The companies that were invited to placements are prestigious and well-known companies. Mostly colleges invite service-based companies, whereas Attainu invited majorly product-based companies. This is the key point I like about AttainU.


Describe your course journey? Tell us about your instructors, AMA sessions, Mentors, AttainU Team, batchmates, course schedule, difficulties during course, support, emotional connection with your instructors etc.

My instructor at AttainU was very good. He showed us the path which we are expected to follow. If at all we get a doubt, or we got stuck at some point, the instructor will be there to clear them out. This provides high knowledge transfer. The instructors at AttainU have a deep understanding of the subject and make it a point to provide real-world applications. The culture was a balance between professional and friendly.

Tell us about your placement experience. How were you feeling in the beginning? your first interview experience, your dull moments, the support you received to cracking the interviews.

Firstly, I worked on building strong technical skills as a result of practising. The numerous coding challenges and assignments helped me immensely with this. Next, my soft-skills were a bit weak which I realized from the mock interviews. The instructors trained me to improve my soft-skills. These repetitive mock interviews helped me a lot. Through rigorous training at AttainU, I got multiple offers and Klay International was one among them.


How are you feeling after getting this job ? About your excitement and dream.

This is just a start to my dream. After getting this opportunity, I am very excited because this is a reputed company. The team here is highly experienced and made me very comfortable in the first few days. All thanks to AttainU that I am able to pursue my dreams as a developer today. It was a great honour to have been a part of AttainU.


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