Neyanta's PLacement story - Hired by Docvita

My name is Neyanta. I have completed my be in electronics from JSI in bangalore and i had zero coding background when i graduated but during the placement of my college it was preety clear that i should be in the software domain as job oppurtunities there is quite huge. I tried self learning online but then as soon i realised that was not enough to get good job.

 There are so many courses out there, why did you decide to join Attainu Course?

When i came to know about Attainu i liked the fact that they were having live session as compared to your normal self based e-learning process in live session you can ask any doubt or listen to any other peoples doubt so that gave me confidence that i can learn better here and there was also pay after placement thing which is very good for someone who is looking for job but cant get a job and decide to learn so thats why i choosed Attainu.

 How was your learning experience at Attainu?

The instructor in attainu are very approachable and when we started our course we started from very basics so that everybody can understand it, its a very good point for someone who is from non-coding background. We started from very basics and built up our knowledge. Daily practise assignments and coding challenges got us involved more. Our instructor was very motivating he would not let us give up on difficult topics.

 How did Attainu help you in your placements?

Before completing the course with Attainu we were technically very strong. Attainu placement team helped us a lot from the resume building till the placement they were with us.Different mock interviews were there which helped me in cracking the job.