Attainu Project

Online Bookstore – A Web App for Book Readers


Stage 1 Project (Out of 3 Stages)

This project was developed by AttainU Students.

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What are we trying to build?


Users can find books of different category, he/she can add books to cart/remove books and place order for required books.


Admin can view orders, books, number of users. Can update, delete, add,

books . Admin can able to see the contact queries provided by users.

Technologies used and why?


HTML|CSS|JAVASCRIPT(to add functionality to HTML pages)|AJAX(To request API’s)|JQUERY|BOOTSTRAP ( Bootstrap is a framework helps us to design faster and easier frontend things that add extra functionality ).


Express (Server-side framework which gives more security from the unwanted insertion of links, It makes easier routing and it helps in fast web development).

MongoDB is a Non-relational database for storing large data.

HBS (Handlebar Templates) to render data in HTML pages for frontend usage.

Cloudinary for storing images.


Express, Bodyparser, Express-session, hbs, Multer


Heroku, MongoDB Atlas, Cloudinary

Future scope of improvement?

Sign up, Login with Social media.

Google Search bar Implementation for searching books.

Paypal linking.

Rating for books.

Guest session.

Quick checkout.

Demo :

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