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Best online work from home jobs

If one thing can be said about the advantages of the Internet, it is that it can offer numerous chances you may not be able to find out there in the physical world. This is especially true in today’s world where jobs are being lost due to the pandemic. There are many chances out there in the form of online IT jobs from home and technical work from home jobs.

Online work-from-home jobs are increasing the demand for digital skills. Whether you’re thinking of working at freelance jobs or starting your own online business, there’s a way out for everyone. But if you have a starting problem or if you don’t understand where and how to start, don’t worry, we’ve covered it all for you.

The list below is a list of jobs that do not have any prerequisite for a specific technical skill such as a programmer, IT analyst, or system administrator. This list carries a few suggestions for online jobs or tech jobs from home and chances that require skills that you can very easily acquire with a bit of learning,  confidence, and commitment to implement those newly-learned skills.

Below is the list of the most common online work-from-home jobs you can easily do online.

1. Support for Help Desk and Desktop

Although offices have closed, the need for support hasn’t stopped. Be it help for software or query related to online purchases, there will always be a need for someone from support help. 

For example, for office-related tools, you might need to have experience in document conversion and management, how to set up a web conference, be aware of remote computer access tools, and be able to resolve all tickets raised on platforms like Zendesk.

2. Data Entry: Most adaptable task on the list of online work from home jobs

In the world of digital information, data entry is primary. This kind of job is a good first step for working online as it doesn’t need much experience. 

But, you would at very most be asked to type accurately, know your way around the keyboard efficiently, or use a 10-key numeric pad to input all sorts of data. You will also be required to know or have an understanding of basic tech tools like spreadsheets, databases, and word processing applications. 

What tasks should you expect? Depending upon the employer’s needs you may be asked to collect and update customer data, transcribe recordings, or even transfer field data into spreadsheets.

3. Blogging : Creating inexpensive skill

Blogging is an inexpensive and easy way to start earning money. This is almost like creating a YouTube channel, and here consistency is the key. By blogging, you can build a business online through collaborations, gated membership content, eBook advertising, affiliate programs, and ads. 

Not only that, but once you create up a good site with consistent traffic, you can use that experience to apply to write for other sites and apply for online work from home jobs such as content creation, which is in demand these days in the digital world.

4. Human Resource Management roles in any company

There’s a survey that found 85% of HR professionals say they can be effective with work from home (WFH). HR or Human resource management is a crucial role in any company, so much so that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an additional 70,000 HR jobs will flood the industry by 2030. HR is one of the online work from home jobs that can be done from home and also effectively.

5. Business Development Career

A business development career path usually begins with associate, analyst, project lead, or relationship manager positions. The designation or title changes depending on the company you apply for, but you can safely assume that a business development executive position is an entry-level job.

Besides, being a Business development associate is a wonderful online work from home jobs for people who like being part of a management team. You can excel here if you have strong interpersonal and leadership skills, the strength to work under pressure, and enthusiasm to track numbers, and sales or marketing strategy.

6. Consultants Provides Best Knowledge and Experience

A lot of people are putting their knowledge and experience into work and earning through it. Someone with a specific skill set, professional experience, or even just a hobby or passion can turn that into a viable business as a consultant or a coach, or an online instructor. If you have a certain skill, share and earn it with others online. Whether your niche is project management, bookkeeping, leadership, music, art, or business, you can offer your expertise in the form of consultations.

You will have to start by promoting yourself on platforms like LinkedIn for credibility. You could build a blog to show off your expertise. Then once you get a potential lead, you can book meetings online and start interacting with them.

7. Digital Marketing Executive

As many and many individuals are starting their brands online, there is no doubt that a digital marketing specialist is in high demand. From setting up advertising campaigns,  SEO analytics, email advertising, and PR communications to generating social media strategies, and mobile marketing, these online work from home jobs will need a wide range of skills. 

Digital Marketer

Fortunately, there are numerous courses, tutorials, and resources on digital marketing from which you can learn and acquire those skills. If you already have a blog, you can easily use that as a testing ground for marketing and also put it on your resume later. Some tools in digital marketing that you’ll come across and will be expected to know of as a digital marketer are: Ahrefs,  Mailchimp, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. The demand for digital marketers is most definitely skyrocketing.

8. Social Media Manager

With the undeniable use and presence of social media, one can only predict the need for a social media manager. This can be a highly competitive job where you’re trying to stand out among other brands on an everyday basis. 

You need creativity in creating the content, developing online communities, social skills, and the ability to connect with customers – both existing and potential – in a professional but still a very engaging way. You’ll also be required to work with other departments to highlight the brand’s vision.

Being familiar with social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram is not enough you will also have to be aware of other connected tools like Buffer, Feedly, Sprout Social, Buzz Sumo, Canva and GIPHY to get be well-equipped with all social media tools under your belt.

9. Technical Writers Hold Significant Responsibilities

Do you have strong writing skills? Are you an avid tech user? Can you explain technical concepts in simple English? If so, then being a technical writer will be best suited for you. 

This type of job requires you to understand your customers and have a good grasp of the subject matter you’re writing for. For instance, you might be asked to write user manuals, FAQs, or help documents for a computer software company. A technical writer might also be required to draft copy on legal disclaimers, company documents, annual reports, online software brochures, EULAs, and so on. Being able to write, understand, and then explain things is a major asset.

10. Role in Terms of Valuable Technological Positions: Editing, Copywriting, and Proofreading

We have clumped all three into one listing, though we can consider each individually. Some firms may only need you to proofread industry-specific content or may want you to draft web copy and articles. While in other cases, editing may be needed to mend articles, text, or blog posts. 

If you know your way around the editing tools in Microsoft Word and have a good PDF to Word converter, you’re pretty much well-equipped to work with whatever content firm needs you to work with. 

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are amazing places to start looking for such kinds of high-paying technology online work from home jobs as you can pick up some quick one-off gigs to start gaining experience. 


The best thing about the online world is that you can easily upscale the skills you need for online work from home jobs with e-courses or DIY tutorials. Always do your research first, by getting into the minute details in the job postings online and targeting your learning experience. There’s no limit to what you can learn and achieve online and get a decent online work-from-home job. Sign in for more information

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