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Parcel Ninja – A web App for Delivery

Stage 1 Project (Out of 3 Stages)

This project was developed by AttainU Students.

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What we are trying to build?

We have built a delivery web application, we named it as Parcel Ninja, here parcel is the item we want to deliver and Ninja are the delivery boys, Here are two users

Client: You can Login as a client and can see all the registered ninja in the app and can place your order by looking into the locality and availability of registered ninja, you can also update your profile and can also see your orders, you can also track your order in our homepage by entering your order id provided by us.

Ninja: You can Login as a ninja and can see all the orders placed on your name in the app and can update the status of the order as delivered or on transit, you can also update your profile like your current locality and city.

Why did we choose to work on this?

We choose to work on this because we find it challenging to show all the delivery process in one application. So, we felt it would be a great learning experience.

Technologies used

The technologies we have used are :

Frontend: HTML,bootstrap,CSS and handlebars

Backend: Express, MongoDB(local) and MongodbAtlas(cloud) for storing database, cloudinary for storing images and Javascript and jquery

Future Scope

In future would like to include more functionality like

Client can track for particular ninja like in swiggy and zomato

Like to provide online chat box for complaints

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3


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