Post It - Social Media Management Tool

Post It - Social Media Management Tool


Stage 2 (out of 3) project


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What are we trying to build?

We built a social media posting tool which allows users to manage all their social media accounts at one place. This project is all about saving users time and increasing their productivity. Where users can create a post once and post it on multiple social platforms with only one click.


Why did we choose to work on this?

Now we are halfway through the course and we thought Post It might be the best project to learn some new concepts like React components architecture, how to work with third party API's, how central data store like Redux works behind the scenes, how to make our application load content blazingly fast without reloading the page using react-router.


Technologies used and why?

As this is a frontend heavy application and mostly built using React which is widely used for frontend UI development. We have used different kinds of Node modules in our projects like React Router, Redux, Social Auth modules and Parse Server. Below we have explained them in more detail and why we used them in our application.

  • React-Router - We used react-router to allow users to navigate throughout the website blazingly fast and without reloading the page. (to make our app single page application).

  • MongoDB - We used MongoDB as our no-SQL database to store user data.

  • Redux - Redux is widely used for application state management and we used it to build a central redux data store to control data flow throughout the application efficiently.

  • Social-Auth-Schemes - Implemented social auth schemes which will allow users to connect all their social media accounts in one place and also will help to access and publish posts to respective social media accounts.

  • Parse Server - As this is a frontend heavy application we used Parse Server’s rapid prototyping model to save user data to our MongoDB databases.

  • Heroku - to deploy our application.


Future scope of improvement?

Features we can integrate into the future versions -

  • We couldn't do the Facebook API and Instagram API because it required a business account and had a time-consuming approval process. So in future, we will try to get permissions and integrate Facebook APIs and Instagram APIs.

  • Allow users to schedule posts so we can post those posts on their behalf at that time.

  • Allow users to connect multiple social accounts from a single platform.

  • Allow users to post videos and photos/gifs.