Pranav Sharma's Placement story


Interview Experience of the company you got placed in?

I created my resume from website and asked my friend those who were already employed how to build a resume then created a good resume and mentioned all my projects over there and also mentioned the github link. I put that resume on high risk and applied for bunch of jobs that were asking experience of about 0 - 2 years so i had been studing in attainu for 8-9 months and it was a good experience so first round was basically basically that they ask me verbal questions about my first project in attainu that we had so they asked me bunch of questions about that specific things in the code like if you had done it then only you willl be able to answer. In second round the owner himself of the company so they were looking for full stack developer and i was interested in full stack normally if you join big company you have to work on either frontend or backend its rare that you can work on full stack in a big company so i wanted to join a company which was hiring for full stack and so i was interesed in the last round owner of the company himself called me he was asking more of general programming question not related to what i knew but what i was ready to learn in the future basically so he was also asking basic questions. then i waited for one week and then they offered me job. I was having two offers at that time accordingly he increased the pay and asked me to join.

What does it take to get a job in the current scenario?

I applied for 200 jobs and got like 6 or 7 call backs because i was a fresher and everyone like people are there out in the market who are ready to work so the competition is little bit more than compared to the time before covid  but if you are confident in your skill and you have done all the projects and you have been put in your hardworks it ll obviously help they want the skills as well as confidence.

Which platform/s are most useful to search and get the job?

I used linkedin also but didnt get any responses. I used angel list got some responses over there from anglelist i applied for some 2 3 companies over there.There are a lot of startup hiring on angle list so once can apply from there.

Important topics or areas one should focus on to crack the interviews?

I think projects are very important like if you are working on a project if you are aware of  all aspects of the particular project and if you atleast know the frontend and backend like the whole thing how it has been implemented i think that gives you the boost you can build anything. Most of the questions asks were related to project i build in attainu.  There are companies which are looking for more experience so they ll be interested in you as you have created more project and they gave you lots of task as well to perform. 

Was AttainU's course helpful for you? If yes how?

Yes, i didnt had any coding experience i had done just c and before AttainU i didnt know what coding is basically. Whatever was taught at AttainU whatever the coding challenges and assignments that were given and i was curious about them so after the classes i looked up all of that and more so whatever was being taught and whatever was mentioned in curriculum i was going through everything and was researching on my own like what all is possible. Curriculum helped me with that i had a great community along with that so the people i had in my batch were very supporting and we use to generate interest among others.

Any advice for the AttainU grads looking for jobs?

Ya i just see there are a bunch of questions which every interviewer asks so just go through that before applying for the jobs and you should be confident that if i give anything in the technologies that you do know to build you should be confident enough that i ll be able to lookup and build it. If you had that confident obviously you ll be able to get job no one can stop. Obviously that confidence comes with hard work.