Python program that runs as a command-line tool | Project by Sindhu N


Python program that runs as a command-line tool:

The aim of this project is to build a python program that runs as a command-line tool. Basically whenever the folder or a drive is filled with full of files with different type,it would be so confusing to search a particular file in need , and to organize all of them is a very big task for one to do,so i have come across with a project to organize all those files to a particular folder based on the file extension.

i have referred to the complete file concept in python: how to open a file,  read a file, write a file, list all the files, move all the files to a particular folder,copy a file to a folder,rename a file , delete the file.

Initially i have sorted all the files to a particular folder then i have created a organize()  function .

I have also installed the pyinstaller to install executable file for the code for anyone who is willing to organize their files can install the .exe file and copy to the folder which he/she what to organize the folder and then double clicks the .exe file , that executes and all the files get organized to a single folder which have all the different folders.

The following are the sites i refer to do the project: [for command-line parsing] [for file handling with python from scratch] [for recursion concept from geeksforgeeks] [for clear understanding of how to work with files using python] [for moving a file when i got error i googled]

I also referred to stackoverflow and geeksforgeeks for some related concepts.

We will be importing the os module, where this import will help us to work with the Operating System and we have also imported the pathlib module, where this pathlib module deals with path related tasks.