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Quantum Computing: How it Works, and the Implications for the Future of Technology


We live in an era that has been taken over by technology. The advancement in technology has changed the way we live and has revolutionized the whole world. We might not have flying cars or robots with human brains yet, but we are very close to achieving what was thought of as impossible a few years back. Devices like calculators and computers that followed Quantum Computing have made our life easy by helping us to perform complex problems and calculations in just a few seconds. 

Recently, we have been hearing a lot about quantum computing which is different from a classical computer and has garnered a lot of attention in the world of technology. But what is quantum computing? How is it different from classical computers? Is quantum computing the future? How beneficial is it to build a career in a particular field? Let’s reveal all the pros and consequences of the same. 

What Is Quantum Computing? 

Quantum Computing is a branch of computer science that operates on the line of quantum theory and creates a new way of computing. Quantum theory is a part of science that explains, on the atomic and subatomic levels, the nature and behavior of matter and energy. 

How does quantum computing work?

Following the principles of quantum theory and computing; quantum computers are developed that use qubits to operate, representing one or zero at the same time. This principle is called superposition. 

A classical computer uses zeroes and ones in a binary manner to encode information, while a quantum computer uses subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at the same time. This makes the processing faster and capable of solving certain problems much faster than classical computers.

How Are Quantum Computers Different From Classical Computers? 

The most significant difference between quantum computers and classical computers is the way both perform calculations. Quantum computers have the special property of being zero and one at the same time. In contrast, classical computers are like switches that can be zero or one at one time. This gives quantum computers an advantage over classical computers to solve problems at a much higher speed. 

Classical computers are an ideal choice for doing basic stuff required in our day-to-day tasks, with a low error rate. In comparison, quantum computers are best for performing a higher level of tasks, such as analyze data, creating simulations, etc. They have a high error rate. 

Classical computers are easy to maintain, and have an internal fan that prevents them from overheating. At the same time, quantum computers must be kept extremely cold and must be protected from the slightest vibrations. It requires cooled superfluids to keep it cool. 

According to a report published by Google in the year 2019, it proved that a quantum computer could solve a problem in just a few minutes, while a classical computer would take over 10,000 years. 

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Where Are The Applications Of Quantum Computing? 

Quantum computing is definitely on the rise today because it can be applied in various fields. The level of attention that it has been getting from various sectors is tremendous. 

Let’s see what are the possible applications of quantum computing.

1] Manufacturing And Industrial Design Sector

In the manufacturing industry, there are several tedious processes involved to get the final result. Quantum computing can save time in processes, especially designing. It can greatly impact the manufacturing processes, product development, and design and supply chain activities. It can help designers to proceed to the next steps faster, which helps them create better designs. 

2] Healthcare Industry 

quantum computing in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, quantum computing can help to a great extent by accelerating diagnoses, optimizing drug design, and speeding the drug testing process. It can also help in the early detection of patients’ diseases efficiently and accurately. It is usually a very time-consuming and costly process to test drugs which can be eased by quantum computing. It could even find antidotes to incurable diseases! 

3] Banking And Finance

Quantum computing works on quantum mechanics that basically governs how nature works at the smallest scales. They can effectively work on simulating investment portfolios, analyzing huge data to make financial predictions, understanding economic fluctuations and phenomena, risk management, asset allocation management, and analysis of financial markets. 

Companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are expected to use quantum computing in their financial businesses very soon. 

4] Automotive Sector 

Quantum computing has the ability to revolutionize the whole automotive sector. Automotive manufacturing and designing can get a boost using technology. It can also aid in configuration management, optimizing schedules, etc. 

5] Cybersecurity 

quantum computing in cybersecurity

With tremendous computing power, a quantum computer is able to decipher large volumes of data and process it in seconds. According to some professionals, quantum computing will make cybersecurity obsolete in a few years. 

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What Are The Challenges And Problems With Quantum Computing? 

There is no denying the fact that quantum computing is a promising technology and the advantages of quantum computing are many, but it comes with some challenges as well. As we saw earlier, what is quantum computing used for? Let’s now see what problems it poses. 

  • Firstly, quantum computing or computers based on this technology are very difficult to build and program, which only highly skilled professionals can do. 
  • Moreover, they need to be kept in the cold environment for them to even function. Sometimes they even produce a lot of sounds, like crippling noise, which is very disturbing. 
  • The biggest threat it poses is cryptography, and it is assumed that in the near future, quantum computers will be able to crack the current encryption system. This makes security a very serious concern. 
  • Another problem related to computers based on technology is that there are too many connecting to the circuit board. 

What Career Opportunities Are Available In The Field Of Quantum Computing? 

Quantum computing is an exciting field of study and makes up for an excellent career choice. Let us look at some of the career opportunities related to this technology and how learning the basics of quantum computing can boost your career. 

1] Engineer 

A quantum computing software engineer is a lucrative career choice for one looking to make a career in the respective field. A master’s degree will help you in fetching a job as a software engineer. You need to have a basic knowledge of programming languages such as Python, Java, etc. An engineer’s work is to optimize the control of quantum processors. 

2] Scientist 

To get a job as a quantum computing scientist, you are supposed to have a Ph.D. in quantum physics or computer science. A scientist performs tasks in regression and classification and helps to solve problems. They make assumptions based on quantum theory and conduct experiments. This is the reason why they are often referred to as experimentalists. They devise several ways to solve a problem. 

3] Algorithms Researcher 

An algorithm researcher deals in rectifying computations problems to improve outcomes. This also requires a Ph.D. in related subjects along with thorough knowledge of programming languages. Also a researcher is supposed to develop quantum algorithms besides creating new ones. 

4] Physicist 

One of the most fulfilling and wanted jobs in the field of quantum computing is that of a physicist. A physicist examines the foundation of quantum computing hardware, software, quantum sensors, and several other applications. A physicist is offered a very handsome salary because he is required to identify all the problems- minor or major. 

5] Developer 

The work profile of a quantum engineer and a developer is almost similar, but the difference varies in the technical aspect of a developer from that of an engineer. Quantum developers are one of the highly sought-after professionals in the field. The developers develop quantum software on already existing designs.

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How to learn quantum computing?

In recent years, the public and private sectors have been investing in quantum computing research to help businesses solve problems that are beyond the reach of conventional computers. This makes it a booming career option for today’s youngsters.

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The future of quantum computing is vast and tremendous. We are nearing a future that is filled with technology and devices that are near to magical. With the help of quantum computing, many new types of applications can be built that can reduce the time consumption to just seconds. Quantum computing needs a great amount of time and skill to be built and function, but that does not take away its benefits from it. Make a career in quantum computing with our courses and put a feather in your cap.


1 What language of programming is implemented in quantum computing?

Ans : One of the earliest quantum programming languages to be used, quantum computer language has syntax and data structures that are similar to C language. Typically, it is utilised to create quantum computer programmes.

2 In a nutshell, what is quantum computing?

Ans : Yes, nutshell quantum computing. In order to do calculations, quantum computing applies the basic ideas of quantum mechanics. It is a new paradigm in computation.


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