Railway Booking System project by Venkat Naga Sai Kalyam & Akshay Koti 


Railway Booking System 

This system is basically concerned with the reservation of train tickets to the passengers.In
this we are discussing that how the reservation is done.
What are the rules and regulations and procedure for reservation?

The project is mainly based on train reservation. This project helps to enter, display or
alter the details of different trains by admin. Moreover & most importantly this project
helps us to reserve or a cancel train ticket . It also helps us to know the present status of a
reserved ticket, i.e. whether that ticket is confirmed or not. It will also send confirmation
mail to respected user.

The purpose of this project is to describe the railway reservation system which provides
the train timing details, reservation, and cancellation

What user can do?
Train Enquiry
Book Ticket
Check PNR Status
Cancel Ticket
Register and Login

What admin can do?
Add/Remove Trains
Cancel Ticket
Login and Logout

Technologies used:
· bcryptjs
· jwt
· mongoose
· mongoose unique validator
· expressjs
· passportjs
· passport jwt

· cloudinary
· multer
· node-mailer

Future Scope:
· live train tracking
· payment integration
· chart vacancy details