Reflect Writing project by Bollam Manindra and Bodakuntla Akhil


Reflect Writing


Hello Everyone, My name is Manindra and I am from Karimnagar,Telangana.I am pursuing Full Stack Web Development course at AttainU.
We have created a website named Reflect Writing which is useful for publishing the articles to everyone , so any user with the link of the article can read it. For each article there is also an image associated with it. So the reading becomes even more entertaining. There is also an option of saving any post privately so he/she can also use it as a dairy as well. The Reason why we had choosen this project is because it contains a fair amount of the usage of database operations like creating,reading, updating, deleting files from the database server and apart from that it also given us a chance to understand how the websites actually works and how the servers work..

What we are building?
So basically we are building an article publishing website where the users can publish articles for
public and also a dairy where the user can store his/her daily activities..

Technologies we have Used:
We have used bootstrap at frontend since it allows us to create responsive ui in less time. It is
useful in making responsive, mobile-first front-end web development and it also contains CSS-and
JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface
components .Node js is a server side platform built on google chrome’s javascript V8 engine for
easily building fast and scalable network applications.Node js uses an event-driven ,non-blocking
I/O model that makes it light weight and efficient perfect for data-intensive real time application
that run across distributed devices. In Database we have used mongodb which is nosql database
.One of the best things about MongoDB is that there are no restrictions on schema design.It allows to use an unstructured query language. Beside that main benefit it has over MySQL is its
ability to handle large unstructured data

 User can read all the Public articles.
 User can publish articles.
 User also has an option of Saving the articles privately.
 User can delete his article.
 User can edit or update his articles.
 User can delete his entire account(which deletes all of his public and private posts)
How to use
1. Home page: It's a place where all the published posts are there
2. Newpost: It is used to pubish a new post.(user must be logged into publish a new post)
3. Register: Used for registration of the user
4. Login: Used for login ..
5. After logging in , the user can see a tab named Myposts (which contains public posts and
private posts)
6. User can publish a new post using new post tab..
Each Post contains
o Title , subtitle, content and image
o also an option to save it to public or private...
7. User can edit (or) delete his both public and private articles...

Future Scope:

we can include social media authentication like facebook, twitter, google etc, We can also include
shareable links which user can use to share the posts with others. We can also add like and
comment feature in public posts. Since right now this project has no filter which restrict misleading
content so we would like to add it too as well. There is also no verification for email which has the
potential of fake accounts. We will include these features as well.