Salman's Placement Story


How was your interview experience and process?

The interview experience was ggod as the first round was Hr round where Hr asked me the spme basic question about myslef and the technologies i know. Then the first technical round the interviewer asked me about the reactjs and basic of redux so i cleared that also. The second technical round was more deatailed about the explanation of the reactjs why we use some basic question with redux and some coding part.

Which platform are good for job applications and what does it take to get a job in this pandemic (covid-19)

So in the current scenario companies are hiring more experienced developer so its quiet more difficult for a fresher to find a job so you should keep trying and trying and more detail in explanation while giving interview and you should know the basics of technology you are giving for and then you'll hit one interview.

Which platform/s are most useful to search and get the job?

You should apply everywhere like linkedin anglelist cutshort. you should keep trying and trying there is not specific site you ll get a job. I got job from linkedin so you should apply everywhere.

Important topics or areas one should focus on to crack interviews?

I have given some interviews like it totally depends on the basics after technology you already know. you should able to explain the basic of the technology like how we use where we use and how to use that part. and then you can go to mern js the main point is that you should always focus on the basics.

Was AttainU's course helpful for you? If yes how?

Yes Attainu helped me to enhance my knowledge in coding part like i know some basic of c and python but AttainU did help to enhance my knowledge by going more specific in all the directive paths in coding.

Do you think AttainU's curriculum  helped you to achieve this job?

The curriculum is quite interesting as it covers many topics like frontend html css reactjs redux and many more. The curriculum is is quite well and you get assignment / cc and daily basis and on monthly basis you have monthly test. There are projects in which you ll be able to learn and practise the technology you already know.

Would you like to give some advice to students in future or still looking to get hired?

For someone who is looking for a job you should keep trying and trying and after giving some interviews you ll already get to know where are the gaps in the understanding of the technology you should be always prepared before giving interview and definetly you ll get some quite decent job.