SCHOOL-STUDENT-MANAGEMENT - project by Himanshu rathi & Nitesh Khanduja



About the project :

To manage the upcoming students and make them join the school and allotting them their courses. A web portal In time of Corona(covid-19) to locate nearby school. Ask the school team to let them Join Courses. It gives power to the school to be in reach of students.

Why School-Student-Management?

To demonstrate the value of technology with the Intuitive way of joining the school, see and adopt the courses. This is the special type of School-student Management which may lead to :- Easy Availability of nearby schools. Courses available in that school. Interaction with school Authority.

Technologies Used :

1. Nodejs 2. Expressjs 3. Moongoose And Sequelize 4. Express file-upload 5. Geo Location 6. MongoDB and ElephantSQL 7. NodeMailer 8. Heroku 9. Corse,Helment,Mongo-sanatizer 10. Seeder (to upload data)