SEASONAL-JOBS.COM - project by Siddhida & Harish



About the Project : 

This Project is nothing but a bridge between Help Seeker and Help Provider. It works to combine two, needs and needies at the same place and same time. Help Seekers are none other than Job Providers. They are those who need some manpower help. And Help Providers are none other than Job seekers. Both of them will find each other using our platform. Both of them will help each other and will exchange services in terms of money. Our skimpy platform will wisely accommodate their needs and time for them and according to them. While planning for this project, only thoughts in our mind were our young and unemployed population. We thought of making that simple application which could help them earn pocket money for themselves. This pocket money will add on their confidence, personality, and keep their supplies for their struggle tenure on. This platform will help them be more self dependent. Our Seasonal Job app is very easy to use. One can find a part-time job for himself or herself at an instantaneous basis most suitable to their timing and location. These jobs are of informal types. Few features we have applied and there are many more we are left with for now. Which we will add with the passing time in near future.

End Points of APIs :


Features :


  1. Email Verification for Registration.
  2. Only Unique Account Creation allowed (Aadhaar Number based Uniqueness).
  3. Single device Login facility.
  4. Editing Password (After login).
  5. Resetting Passwords (System Generated Password via mail).

USER's Related:

  1. Job Providers can Post, Edit, view and Delete his posts.
  2. Job Seekers can view, filter, search and accept jobs.
  3. Admin can be watchful towards his users and jobs posted also can BLOCK unwanted Jobs and Users even.
  4. Instant notification Via mail to both Job provider and Job Seeker.
  5. Profile Updation (Limited to Profile Picture, Contact Number and Address Change)

JOBs Related:

  1. Aggregations
  2. Job Count.
  3. Sorting (as per Most Recent Update).
  4. Filtration (As per Different category and preferences).
  5. Searching (On the basis of keyword and location) .
  6. Pagination (10 Jobs per page).
  7. View Jobs.
  8. Block Jobs (By Admin only).

Technologies used:

  •  Nodemailer (To send system generated emails)
  • Multer + Cloudinary (Converting System Image into URL)
  •  Express Js (Framework for node Js)
  •  Json Web token (For Authentication)
  •  Bcrypt Js (For Hashing)
  •  Helmet (To Secure all Headings and Status)
  •  Compressor (To compress the size of the data)
  •  Mongoose (To Connect to NoSQL Database)
  •  Mark Down (To Make our readme file look better)

Future Goals :

  1. Denial of job after acceptance from Provider side and also from Seeker side.
  2. Location Mapping
  3. Online Payment Wallet (To avail Our commission)
  4. Customer's grievance Support System
  5. Mobile Application Implementation
  6. Mobile OTP for login
  7. Login Via Google/ Facebook/ Insta/ Twitter
  8. Background Verification