So is it working?

Divyam Goel
Divyam Goel

At AttainU, from Day 0 we wanted to focus on delivering value for our users. We understand that education in India is about employment. Hence we dedicated the first few months of our journey in designing the curriculum in collaboration with tech leaders from the industry to make sure we have all the significant, sought after skills covered.

For our first cohort, we had a 10 per cent acceptance rate. Besides logistics, background, analytical skills it was super critical for us to assess the applicants for growth potential, passion and discipline. The response for overwhelming, which reaffirmed our belief in the problem we are solving. It was very humbling to see 6 people quit their full-time jobs to be a part of our first cohort.

The student engagement levels have been surprisingly high. An online environment provides students with the flexibility and confidence to be able to ask all their doubts as and when they come. We at our end make sure that all the questions get immediately resolved. We consciously use the actual development environments for all the programming assignments. This gives our students a very hands-on experience of what actual work is going to look like.
With Zero drop-offs and more coding experience under their belt than most college graduates in India, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve together.

Why take our word for it. Hear from our students below -

“This course is amazing and engaging. The instructor teaches a topic (not just the theory part, he shows us how to implement) and gives the assignment on that topic on the same day. The best part of this course is that there is an assignment discussion session where the instructor clears everyone's doubts and also makes sure everyone is able to keep up with the pace by giving a good amount of time for completing the assignments. Also, there is a code challenge session where they're assessing the weaknesses of the students and helping students overcome their weak parts.”

- Srinivas Namballa

“First I would like to thank you, people, for creating such a course.
Previously I have tried some classroom courses in Hyderabad which were pathetic. 100-500 people in one class and one instructor. After that, I was looking for a boot camp kind of course.
I would like to compare a few things here -
  1. This is exactly a boot camp kind of experience, which a classroom course or other online courses cannot give.
  2. Classroom courses have a size of 200 to 500 students per batch, there is literally no personal attention, no doubt clearing, no questions asked, no interaction at all. It is a one-way traffic kind of experience. Here all those problems are fixed.
  3. Assignments - I hardly saw any assignments like the ones we are getting here in this course and also the coding challenges are really cool.
  4. The assignment discussion is also great. We can chat or ask direct questions and get on-the-spot assessment and clarifications.
  5. Everyone is getting equal attention, which is again good so that no one is left behind.
  6. Hands-on experience with tools that are currently being used in the industry, which is really good, because I suffered due to lack of hands-on experience.

I am really hopeful and looking forward to getting job-ready and getting placed in roles, which we deserve.
Thank you.”

- Ravi Shankar

“The teaching pace is comfortable for a person like me who doesn't have a coding background. Able to understand all the concepts that we have gone through till now and Ansal is available all the time to answer any queries/doubts.”

- Mohd Sami

“I am a beginner in coding. Due to the syllabus which starts from the very beginning, it is easier to learn. Also, the assignments for applying the concepts, and an always-online instructor who can help when stuck at any time are best for learning. I am happy I am enrolled in this program.”

- Mudliar Naresh

Next week we are going to invite some external industry experts to talk more about software engineering placements and how to start learning software development