Social Post project by Deepam Bahre & Rutvij Phalak


Social Post


Hello there... My name is Deepam Bahre, I am from Indore Madhya Pradesh. I am doing a full stack web development course at AttainU.

We have created a Social Post project where we post & share information with our friends who use this app. We can write comments on posts as feedback. We selected this project because it uses user profile creation and maintenance, which has become a very common and important feature for any website.

And apart from this, posting and sharing information with other users also gives us an idea to know how applications like Facebook work on such a big scale and what kind of challenges may come while creating these kinds of applications.

Our Main Routes:

  1.   User profile creation and maintenance:

This includes user profile creation, user login, search user by username, see all users, get a particular user by id, see user profile, update user profile & delete user profile.

  1.   Post creation and Maintenance:

This includes Add new posts, see all posts, get a particular post by id, update post by id & delete post by id.

  1.   Write comments on posts:

This includes Add comment on a particular post, see all comments, get a particular comment by id, update comment by id & delete comment by id.

Goal Of Our Project:

We are trying to build a Rest API of social media web application basically it allows users to share information to other users as post & users can write comments on a particular post.

 Technology Used:

 We have used bootstrap at frontend since it allows us to create responsive UI in less time. It is

useful in making responsive, mobile-first front-end web development and it also contains CSS and JavaScript. We are using Handlebars that is similar to HTML.

We are using NodeJS for the backend. Here NodeJS is a server side platform built on google chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine for building fast and scalable network applications. NodeJS uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficiently perfect for data-intensive real time applications that run across distributed devices. We have also used ExpressJS Which is the web application framework of NodeJS, it is designed for building web applications and APIs.

 Future work which can be done to improve our Project:

We have planned to convert it from backend to Frontend and also we will include some features like notification, update profile image, audio & video chat system, user authentication using google, send friend requests to other friends & create groups where users can add friends.