SOCIALBEE - project by Atanu Paul & Piyush Mahapatra



What is SocialBee?

  • SocialBee is a repository of NGODATA that is provided by the authenticated Representatives as User.
  • The data is collected,organised and carefully assimilated and is maintained by Decentralised-Departmental-hierarchical Administration


Why do we need SocialBee?

  • To have a single source of “ngoData” that is actively maintained by a chain of administration.
  • To provide accountability,transparency and a scope for funding/ volunteering for eligible Ngos
  • To manage the administrative affairs of Ngodata with social-bee as a platform


SocialBee Goals:

  • Locating,Grouping,categorisation and verification of Ngodata by authorised Representatives as Users 
  • Maintaining the Representatives data and mapping it to Ngos 
  • Maintaining the departmental portfolio of Employees of SocialBee for decentralisation administration.



  • This Project was completed in both MongoDB and PSQl.
  • NodeJS/ExpressJS was used in backend
  • It was Deployed in AWS EC2 and documentation was prepared with postman and docgen.
  • Express,Nodemailer,JWT,Bcrypt,Express-fileupload,Crypto,Mongoose and Sequelize(ORMs) were used as packages
  • CORS,Rate-limit and Xss-clean were used as security-measures
  • Testing was done with Postman-Testing-Tool.


Future scope of SocialBee:

  • Expand it to collect Volunteer-User-Data and provide a digital platform for both the parties to interact with each other
  •  Implement Payment-Gateway to allow donations 
  • Implementation of Questionnaire/tags to work out the mutual interests of ngo and volunteer-use