SocialMe - A social media platform


What are we trying to build?

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We built a social media web Application which is responsive and can be used both mobile and desktop. Users can chat and create posts and see other’s posts. The user can add comments to others' posts and can like the posts, also we have the search option so that the user can search other people. We have used Google News API to fetch the news to our Application so that users can get news about what is happening around the world. We have used GeoIP so that a user's current location can be traced during the creation of account and update of profile. This automates the process of collecting users location information.

Technologies used and why?
The technologies we have used to build this web application are:
Express-js: For the backend, we used node js & Express js.
React: For the frontend, we used React.
JWT: we used jwt authentication mechanism to secure our API.
Socket io: we used to enable real-time communication between users. Postgresql: we used Postgresql as our database to store user data and storing the data directly to the cloud.
Heroku: to deploy our application.

Future scope of improvement?
Features we can integrate into future versions-
We can add video uploading features.
We can add a list of online users .
We can give access to users to accept /reject a request.