SocioTube - Video Sharing Web Application

SocioTube - Video Sharing Web Application


Stage 1 (out of 3) project


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What are we trying to build? We built a video sharing web application called SocioTube which allows users to upload videos regarding social causes around the world. The uploaded videos will be first reviewed by the admin for their genuineness. Once accepted they are then shown in the user timeline. There is also an events section where users can go through the blogs related to social problems and the upcoming event details.


Why did we choose to work on this? We chose this project because we wanted to build an application like YouTube and understand how things work under the hood. Besides that this project covers a fair amount of database operations like create, update, delete, read and file handling operations like uploading and deleting files on the server


Technologies used and why?

  • Frontend: bootstrap since it is responsive, offers speedy development and easily customizable.

  • Backend: node.js, express as the server and multer for uploading files.

  • Cloud Services: Cloudinary for storing videos and images. Heroku for the deployment of the application.

Future scope of improvement? Below are some features we can include in future -

  • social media authentication like google and facebook.

  • user notification on video rejection.

  • likes, comments and category type for videos.

  • payment option if users want to donate for a particular social cause