Sravya Challa's Placement story - Hired by Delta Exchange

My name is Sravya Challa. I am civil engineering graduate. During my college placement i got placed in a small company in civil engineering side itself but then i realised that growth and also there would be more oppurtunities in software engineering so after that my cousion gave me idea about attainu. Then i was really impressed with attainu as there was no upfront payment fee i need to pay only when i get placed. I had no coding background before joining attainu so it was kind of trial for me. Then i joined AttainU.

Do you think AttainU is really helpful as compared to others channels?

The live session and also the recording of live sessions really helped in revising the lectures when we had doubt because we may not get 100 percent clarity of any topic when we study it first time so if we had the recorded clases we can go through it n numbers of time until and unless we get the clarity on that topic.

What was the experience when the placements were starting?

To be honest in the starting i was not confident enough to attend any interview beacuse i thought i didnt have 100 percent basics or something so during the placement sessions we use to have mock interviews and regular testsn which helped me alot in getting the confidence.