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StockPile – Stock Portfolio Management Web Application

Stage 1 (out of 3) project

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What are we trying to build?

We have built a Stock Portfolio management web application. It allows a user to create multiple portfolios like retirement portfolio, higher education portfolio, child’s marriage portfolio etc. and give detailed information about gain or loss in individual stocks or the whole portfolios itself.

It also allows the user to monitor various stocks outside their portfolios so later they could be

considered to be added into one of the portfolios.

There are also various other live, stock market event monitoring systems included in the application.

Why did we choose to work on this?

We selected this project because these days people are showing increasing interest in investing in stock markets. For them, this application will be very useful to monitor their stocks easily. Also, in this project, we got a chance to implement many concepts that we learnt in the shallow dive module of AttainU’s Software Engineering course.

Technologies used and why?

  • ExpressJS and NodeJS: ExpressJs is a prebuilt NodeJs framework which helped us to create this server-side web applications faster. Simplicity, minimalism, flexibility and scalability are some of its characteristics.
  • jQuery and Ajax: We have used Ajax to call different financial data APIs and then combine that data with user-specific data to create the UI by doing DOM manipulation in jQuery.
  • MongoDB for Database: MongoDB has a document-oriented storage i.e. data is stored in the form of JSON style documents which allowed us to do deep queries on the database without having complex joins.
  • Heroku for Deployment: We have used Heroku to deploy this app on the cloud.

Future scope of improvement?

  • Showing each portfolio’s performance in a graphical format.
  • Comparison of user portfolios with several other market indexes.
  • Adding stocks directly from other monitoring pages to a particular portfolio.
  • Making the application faster.
  • Login/Signup directly through Google.

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