Stocks management web application

Stocks management web application


Stage 1 (out of 3) project


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What are we trying to build? We built a product that could help investors create and manage a stocks portfolio. This currently includes the ability to create a watchlist of stocks as well as a news section showing the latest developments in the Indian business world.


Why did we choose to work on this?

Financial markets are a relatively new domain for us and we thought it was a good opportunity for us to learn about financial markets. So we built a product that would help retail investors make better investment decisions. We especially wanted to help small retail investors make better-informed decisions and build a profitable portfolio.


Technologies used and why?

  • We used Express.js which is a Node.js framework to create server-side web applications faster and smarter. Minimalism and scalability are some of its features.

  • We used body-parser which helps in reading and sending data back to the server through the POST form route. This is because express creators have made it very minimalistic where it handles only GET form data, not the POST data, so body-parser fills the gap here.

  • For the news section, we used Google’s newsapi. We used the request library which provides a simple way to make HTTP calls. It supports HTTPS and follows redirects by default.

  • We used MongoDB as the database to store user details, stock names, closing prices and then the portfolio and watchlist as collections.

  • We have used Heroku to deploy this web application on the cloud.


Future scope of improvement? In future, this application can also include the below features -

  • A portfolio overview showing percentages of all stocks with respect to the entire portfolio.

  • Stock graphs making it possible for users to make trading decisions easily.

  • Stock screeners to further aid decision making.

  • An education section for both technical and fundamental analysis of stocks.