Student Management System project by Hemant Kumar Gupta and Jaydeep Patel


Student Management System


The Student Management System is a platform which is like a middleware between management and student’s. Nowadays in the corona pandemic all teaching, learning and admission processes are going online so we decided to develop a web application. In our project Admin department manages online inquiry, grants admission, creates timetables, manages fees and salaries. Teachers can manage students' attendance, marks etc and share notes and valuable resources. Students can see their attendance, marks, leave etc.  Students can create and manage tickets if they have any issues they can see and submit work assigned to them. We introduce one more feature in this portal Student’s Library. Student’s can borrow and sell their old books to juniors or classmates

Technologies used 

  1. BackEnd : Expressjs, Nodejs

  2. Database : MongoDB

  3. FrontEnd : Html, Css

  4. Javascript : Es6

  5. Softwares : PgAdmin4, Compass

  6. Packages :  Nodemon, Multer, Cloudinary, Body-parser, Mongoose, Express, Json Web token, Bcrypt Js, Express-validator, Passport, Nodemailer etc…

Operations with Functionality 

1.School home page

  • Admission form inq

  • Admin login and sign up 

  • Student login and sign up 

  • Teacher login and sign up 

  • Display announcement 

  • Display timetable 

  • Help desk - live chat

2.Admin Panel 

  • Admission Enquiry //display form data 

  • Student data (display student table) 

  • Manage student attendance (create form or mark system) 

  • Time-Table (for student)

  • Tickets (read update only)

3.Student Panel

  • Personal data // read, update 

  • Marks (read only) 

  • Attendance (read only) 

  • Create tickets(CURD)

4.Teacher Panel

 create marksheets monthly and 6 months test

Collections Admin 

  • admin login registration 

  • admission_inquiries, inquiries for admission 

  • announcement - for announcement 

  • attendance - for student attendance 

  • stud_regs - student data 

  • student - student login registration 

  • teacher - teacher login and registration 

  • tickets - for ticket 

  • timetable - student timetable