Suraj Kawle's Placement story - Hired by Delta.Exchange

My name is Suraj. I graduated from MIT college pune. From colege i did get pleacement in the service based company so we were hire like 500 numbers. Lot of companies came hired in huge numbers from different branch we got offer letter after one year. The job was kind of support work so left the job in 3 months. Then after i started doing preparation for different exams but wasnt able to succed in it. Again i started searching for the job then i saw lot of requirement for front end and back end then i saw Attainu ad at that point i came to know about bootcamps and all.

Did you really think that the teaching here at Attainu is impactful? Is it better than the other options present in the market?

Intially when we started in Attainu we started from very basics like html css javascript then we learned the basic framework jquerry which is i use today somewhere. Then  very impotant thing was that we build project and we did daily cc assignment beacuse of that we came to learn about the process how to make it and implement it.

Does live courses make sense?

Ya that make sense, imagine lockdwon situation like we cant go through the lectures and all. Somewhere in the future we have to get creative with the lectures and make courses live at some point of time.In live lecture what happen is if there is some problem in which one student is stuck then we all use to solve that problem together and that helped us.

So, If you were asked to mention few things which were good in our teaching part which will be that as per priorities?

The instructors in Attainu is very skilled they know how to get the problems solved and the most important how to make us understand that complicated thing in easiest way. The instructutor know how to make us understand very co operative with us. If we use to give any feedback its gets implemented the next day so ya it helped us alot. For all the student who were from non coding background instructor makes sure that everybody should learn and slows down the pace of the lecture. Lecutures were very engaging.

How were your emotions before starting the placements and how did you feel when you got placed?

When the course was about to end and like we almost completed our project phase and we were making our resume so lot of companines were coming in the starting and at that time some people get selected and some people name doesnt come up so we were like how placement proccess is going on and all we use to question but later it all make sense to us.

How is your present life in Mumbai working with Delta Exchange? What is the work and responsibilities and technologies you are working on?

Life in startup is pretty hard its like very fast life lot of development goes on lot of coding goes on and you have to be responsible for certain part of tech. I am responsible for frontend part and we have to make sure that our code is of good coding standard a production ready code which make wont make any error in production.