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Tips for Starting a Video Game Development or Design Career

Video games are frequently a source of fond memories for many people. Others see them as immersive narratives and plots or as works of visual art with graphics that defy the laws of realism. Video games may also be useful and instructive, giving players an engaging way to pick up new knowledge. By the end of this article, you will gain adequate knowledge about video game development.

video game development

Many people are paying attention to this intriguing industry. College students and working adults are increasingly considering careers in the gaming industry.

But how precisely can someone make a game development career and break into the video game development and design industry? What sort of schooling makes this goal simpler to achieve? And how can a candidate stand out from the competition in this cutthroat but expanding industry? With AttainU you can easily enter the world of video game development.

These days many people are in a dilemma about how to start a career in the gaming industry. But with AttainU it has become easy and effective. 

What Differentiates A Game Designer From A Game Developer?

Though they are frequently used synonymously—especially by people outside the industry—”video game design” and “video game development” actually signify quite distinct things. It’s crucial for you to comprehend these distinctions if you’re attempting to launch a profession in the video game industry.

What Is Video Game Design?

The numerous inventive components of creating a video game are referred to as video game design. To tackle features like location, character, object design, animation, and the overall tone, style, and mechanics of a game, video game designers often collaborate in teams. 

A video game designer is responsible for all work associated with the artistic or visual vision and design of a video game, generally in the form of sketches, concept art, animations, or storyboards.

What Is Video Game Development?

Although video game developers, also known as programmers, are responsible for writing the actual software necessary to create a video game. Video game designers frequently have at least a basic understanding of what can and cannot be done from a technical perspective. 

Through computer code, developers strive to turn a designer’s concepts into an actual, playable product. Similar to video game designers, developers frequently work in teams that are in charge of various aspects of the game, such as character creation, world creation, and gameplay.

Can You Actually Have A Career In Video Development And Design?

A job developing or designing video games could sound too good to be true if you’re a student considering your future profession. Additionally, your parents could have doubts about the viability of game creation as a “real job” that could support you and your future family.

Yes, it’s a legitimate job, You can earn a nice income doing it, too. This wasn’t the situation twenty years ago when the game industry was small and employment opportunities were scarce. However, the video game industry is now very large and employs thousands of people worldwide.

Salary and Career Prospects

Like any other profession, people choose a career in video game development or design for various reasons, from a general interest in the area and medium to the desire for a well-paying position in a rapidly expanding sector.

Although the video game industry is difficult to break into, it has grown steadily over the past several years and is expected to do so in the future.

 Due to its expansion, the sector has been able to draw in a wider range of talent than in the past, which may have otherwise gravitated toward different startups and technological enterprises.

The industry has stabilized as a result of the market and industry starting to mature. New platforms like the web and smartphones have increased the number of players in the market, and new technologies like virtual and augmented reality have opened up new mediums for experimentation. These have all encouraged enhanced game development careers.

salary of video game developer

It goes without saying that for those who choose to work as video game designers and developers, salaries and employment prospects probably matter at least somewhat. But pursuing one of these occupations is primarily driven by a passion for the field.

The individuals that pursue careers in the gaming industry out of a passion for the field and the medium are the most successful in doing so. They probably played video games growing up. They have a personal connection to the narratives, visuals, and gameplay. 

Tips for Launching Your Career in Video Game Development or Design-

There are several ways anyone with an interest in game design or development might improve their chances of having a game development career.

  1. Start by obtaining skills in a related field.

  • Employers in the video game industry give particular skills a lot of consideration. The ability to show that you can do the assignment is more crucial.
  • Although it may be possible for you to study the fundamentals of design or coding on your own, a program’s structured environment makes it much simpler to learn these skills because you can rely on your teachers, classmates, and coursework to advance your knowledge.
  • For this reason, certificate courses like the ones offered by AttainU are frequently obtained by video game designers and developers. Further candidates can gain an advantage over the competition by developing skills unique to the career they’re pursuing by taking courses that specialize in or concentrate on video game design.  Read about computer programming courses on AttainU to enhance your skills.
  1. Create a portfolio of work you can display to potential employers.

  • The ability of applicants to demonstrate programming or design skill is more crucial than a specific degree. The most effective approach to achieve this is to compile a portfolio of work that potential employers can assess.
  • Whether the tasks in your portfolio were completed for personal enjoyment, academic credit, or financial gain doesn’t really matter. Both the product’s quality and the portfolio’s diversity are important. For instance, the capability to code, troubleshoot, and debug in several languages, or to design in a variety of media and artistic styles, may help to distinguish job candidates.
  • Naturally, students frequently use their degrees and certifications as a means to an end in order to build a portfolio of completed projects that can be displayed to potential employers. In this context, degrees like those provided by AttainU, which place a high value on experiential, hands-on learning, can be very beneficial.
  1. Use your connections in the industry to gain access.

  • The greatest method to break into a business, as with any career, is to take advantage of your contacts and network. Knowing someone who works for or has worked for a particular organization increases your chances of getting an interview or a highly regarded reference.
  • For many new college graduates who have not yet worked in the business, this might be challenging because professional networks typically develop out of job experience.  Read about common interview questions for fresher on AttainU.
  • For this reason, enrolling in a degree program from an institute such as AttainU that offers experiential learning opportunities that are especially suited to video game development or graduates with a design degree may find a job in a wide range of industries.
  • It comes with a built-in network of instructors and peers and enables students to develop experience and a portfolio of projects.
  • Since the majority of the faculty in these degree programs have experience in the field, students can take advantage of their connections there when they look for jobs. Former classmates who now work for different companies could be crucial contacts for you later in your career.
  1. Consider participating in the design or development of video games.

  • Another approach for applicants to have a game development career and stand out from the competition is to participate in industry contests for video game development or design.
  • First, since you can’t participate without a finalized project to submit, competing encourages applicants to complete and polish the projects in their portfolio. Beyond this, though, competing gives applicants a chance to meet prospective future employers and is a crucial component of developing a professional network.
  • Participating in the competition will allow you to showcase your passion and initiative as well as your capacity to handle criticism and ideally incorporate it into a stronger final product. This is a crucial component of functioning as a team, and hiring managers search for this competence.
  1. What You Can Do to Advance Your Career through Education

  • For designers and developers, breaking into the video game industry can be difficult. However, if you enroll in the correct degree program, particularly one that emphasizes experiential learning, you can develop the abilities necessary to launch your career.
  • A computer science degree can be an excellent approach for prospective programmers and game developers to learn sophisticated computer concepts. Additionally, some institutes, like AttainU, provide majors in game design that let students adapt their education to fit their professional goals. Sign in for more information on AttainU.


A degree in game design can be pursued by those who are interested in becoming game designers. These specialist programs concentrate on the science of game development and give students the ability to introduce profitable goods in a market that is becoming more and more competitive.

Connect with AttainU and start your career as a game developer. Depending on your objectives, obtaining a degree such as a Master of Science in Computer Science or a Master of Science in Game Science and Design can help you establish a strong educational foundation, create a portfolio that demonstrates your skills, and start building a professional network that you can use throughout your game development career. Read more blogs like top python interview questions on AttainU.

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