TourBuddy project by Akash singh and Sindhu


About Project
The project that we have selected is to design a tour booking website[TourBuddy], which helps
users to choose a place and book tickets to their willing places.
Reason why we chose this project is because it contains a fair amount of database operations like
creating, updating, deleting records from the server. Apart from this it also gives us an idea how
the applications like make my trip, GoogleTrip, TripAdvisor works on such a big scale and what
kind of challenges may come while creating these kinds of applications.

Technologies Used

We have used pug at the front end, it is a HTML template engine, and helps to write HTML code in a more easy and maintainable way.

Node js is a server side platform built on google chrome’s javascript V8 engine for easily
building fast and scalable network applications.Node js uses an event-driven ,non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient perfect for data-intensive real time application that run across distributed devices.

In Database we have used mongodb which is a nosql database .One of the best things about MongoDB is that there are no restrictions on schema design.It allows to use an unstructured query language. Beside that main benefit it has over MySQL is its ability to handle large unstructured data.

Redis is a caching and in-memory storage system, which is a way to store specific
pieces of data in memory. It can be used to store all sorts of data in a structured
format from database results.

Future Work which can be done In the future scope of this project
● we can include the website can be designed to book tickets for flights,
cabs,trains etc
● Location to a particular place
● We can also include hotel booking facilities.


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