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Trending and best software courses for freshers and students in 2022

The IT sector has seen incredible growth in the last couple of decades. Which invariable gave rise to tonnes of opportunities that opened up for the younger generation. Understand the best software courses or the trending software courses for freshers & students in 2022 that are available today that will help you sail easily to gain many job opportunities with product-based companies and MNCs. 

You are not from an IT/Software background at the present time? Obviously, choosing the software jobs for freshers & students could pose a challenge. You should be really careful while choosing from a list of software courses for freshers so you don’t end up picking a course that is not in demand or does not deliver as per the market.

You have arrived at a reasonable place in your journey to track down the solution to “best software courses for freshers”! So read further and pick one of the best 10 software courses popular for you to go up the professional ladder.

Full-Stack Development Courses

Data Structures and Algorithms Course

Data Science Courses and Certifications

Cloud Computing Services and Big Data Courses

Digital and Social Media Marketing Courses

Graphic Design and Animation Courses

Cisco Network Learning

Cyber Security Courses

Software Quality Testing Course

SAS Business Intelligence Certification

These courses are top software courses picked after high investigation and along with research. This is emphatical to assist you with pursuing the right learning choice and assist you with getting the most lucrative positions in significant urban areas of India like Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai.

1) Full-Stack Development: Best Software Courses

Course Overview:

Full Stack Web Development course is one of the best courses for software development. Full-stack improvement alludes to both front and back end joined together. A full-stack designer is an individual that has broad information about the whole web improvement all in all. By taking up a full-stack improvement course at AttainU you will dominate the whole course of web advancement.

What will you learn from the full-stack development course at AttainU:

Fundamentals of web development

Front-end development: Basics to Advanced

Back-end development: Basics to Advanced

Javascript programming

Web Developer toolbox

Full Stack Career Prospects and Placements:

Because of the steadily expanding number of advanced organizations, the interest for Full stack developer courses from AttainU is additionally expanding. This is on the grounds that associations are continuously paying special attention to educated individuals to deal with their general site improvement.

Full-stack advancement is one of the main areas of innovation. What’s more, right now, the typical compensation range for a fresher in full-stack improvement in India is 6 Lakhs for every annum. What’s more, the experienced full-stack designer gets around 12 to 19 lakhs for each annum.

best software courses
best software courses

2) Data Structures and Algorithms Course

Course Overview:

Data Structures and Algorithms are two of the main parts of software engineering. Data structures permit us to coordinate and store information, while Algorithms permit us to deal with that information in a significant manner. Learning software courses like Data Structures and Algorithms will assist you with improving as a developer. You will actually want to compose code that is more proficient and more solid. You can likewise tackle issues all the more rapidly and all the more actually.

What Will You Learn from DSA at AttainU:

Time & Space Complexity

Linked List



Sorting techniques

Binary Search


DSA Prospects and Placements:

DSA  course is one of the most worthwhile professional decisions right now. Clearly, every industry requires enormous information experts to investigate the information connected with their field. The interest for enormous information experts is blasting now and again.

Ordinary more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are made and this is sufficient to demonstrate that the interest for enormous information experts won’t decline at any point in the near future. In India, Freshers in DSA can expect a compensation range from 8-12 lakhs for each annum and experienced DSA experts get up to 20 lakhs for every annum as per their long stretches of involvement.

3) Courses and Certifications in Data Science

Course Overview:

Data Science is a blend of math, business insight, instruments, AI strategy, and calculations. Through and through, it centers around dissecting the concealed bits of knowledge or figures from crude information which might contribute significantly to the enormous business choices. On the side of occupations, it beat the rundown of software courses for freshers alongside the gig portfolio that is on appeal. Course Certification is viewed as required for specific work profiles right now. And furthermore, ability in this space is valued. It is one of the software courses in demand.

What will you gain from the Data Science Training:

Programming dialects like Python, SQL, Perl, C, C#, MySQL,

Information Wrangling

Insights, and Probability

Man-made intelligence


Information Visualization

Capstone Project

Career Prospects and Placements:

The Data science industry is blasting at 34% this year. Another central issue is there have been around 16000 organizations added to the business. Through and through making Data Science one of the most mind-blowing software courses for freshers in 2022. It was thought of as an extremely famous course even in 2020. The typical bring back home for information science freshers is Rs.4.75 Lakhs.

Online business destinations and Corporate monsters like TCS and Accenture have information researcher positions over the long haul. Is it true or not that you are hoping to have a superior vocation development? Converse with the business specialists in Data Science from the highest programming preparing foundation and more deeply study the course.

4) Big Data and Cloud Computing Courses

Course Overview:

Distributed computing is changing as one of the main 10 software courses sought after. Because of its huge nature, each product engineer or IT expert or even many organizations are changing to the cloud for their foundation and administration prerequisites. In this cycle, where an organization of servers remotely is facilitated on the web rather than a nearby server or a PC to save, keep up with, and process information.

Distributed computing courses cover 3 fundamental components: Amazon Web Service Certification(AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Aside from these, there are likewise other structure blocks of this course that will work on your systems administration, checking, and functional abilities.

AWS Cloud Computing Courses for Beginners

What will you gain from the Cloud Computing Service course:

Large Data

Cloud Cryptography

Information Recovery and Backup

Cloud Balancing Load

Secure Cloud Architecture

Information Segregation and Recovery

Distributed computing Services Career Prospects and Placements:

With fast changes in innovation right now, distributed computing has been changing as a driving part of the business right now. It has impacted practically all parts of the data innovation scene like information, investigation, and data security. So it is obvious that distributed computing has a colossal demand as a lifelong skill both in India and abroad with a fast-growing fresher compensation of 4 Lakhs per year in India.

Procuring AWS Training then again drives you to a quickly developing profession. As more business processing work is finished in the cloud. So at last there is a climb of occupation opportunities! Organizations relying upon cloud administrations right now enlist for different positions like cloud designers, affirmed cloud subject matter experts, and multi-cloud technologists.

5) Social Media and Digital Marketing Training

Course Overview:

Computerized Marketing is one of the present moving software courses lately. Indeed, it centers around upgrading brand mindfulness. Additionally, it is driven by the maxim of creating, rehearsing, and helping showcase in the computerized space. As a rule, a course assists you with learning different instruments and methods to advance an item via web-based entertainment or computerized stages.

The Digital Marketing course assists you with building computerized promoting methodologies. Ultimately, it assists with carrying out computerized advertising thoughts with inside and out learning of different promoting logical devices and strategies. A portion of the top foundations offering online software courses is AttainU and many other organizations.

What will you realize in a computerized and Social media promoting course:

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEM(Search Engine Marketing)

Online Entertainment Marketing

Virtual Entertainment Optimization

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Member Marketing

Web Analytics

Many top eminent a-list instructive foundations are offering this moving course in the product business. Computerized and web-based Digital Marketing showcasing are firmly dissected and followed by AttainU.

Social Media Marketing Career Prospects and Placements

It is normal that the advanced and online Digital Marketing industry might develop at a typical speed of 32%. Undoubtedly, it will make it one of the most outstanding software courses for freshers and understudies in 2022. The typically expected compensation for a fresher in the computerized Digital Marketing industry is Rs.3 Lakhs. This course has acquired the consideration of experts from IT and Non-IT foundations. And furthermore, numerous freshers start their vocations as advanced online social marketing experts.

6) Animation and Graphic Design Programs

Course Overview:

Visual depiction and animation courses are work-aligned and proficient courses. This course assists you with making a fruitful profession in the computerized age. With the high penetration of the web, the demand for website design and visual creators is at the pinnacle. As a part of the visual depiction and animation course, you will learn how to deal with various inventive undertakings, figure out how to think imaginatively and get refreshed with new strategies and devices of realistic planning and customer experience.

Visual depiction Courses

The course offers you a chance to confront new imaginative difficulties and guides you in the utilization of abilities to determine them. Get prepared in various areas of illustrations, website composition, and movement creation. By that, prepare to be put sooner with superior compensation as an expert designer.

What will you gain from the Graphic Design and Animation course:

Gain proficiency with the key abilities expected to be a visual planner

Formation of correspondence by picture making and typography

Fruitful finishing of a capstone undertaking to address your expert portfolio

Definite information and viable abilities for interface configuration, movement illustrations, and publication plan

Visual communication and Animation profession possibilities and situations:

Work possibilities in the animation business are increasing at a high speed. This is on the grounds that the amusement and gaming industry is developing quickly. The film and promoting industry requires the artist’s support. Thus in every case, new openings are being made. Today, complete animation films have a better fascination and to give life to such manifestations 300-500 illustrators cooperate.

Additionally, expansion in businesses picking virtual entertainment stages for marketing has made new positions for artists and visual originators. A fresher in this field can expect up to Rs. 2.50 Lakhs P.A. as compensation.

7) Develop Cisco Networking Knowledge and Skills

Course Overview

The Cisco network learning is a software course intended for programming software engineers who mean to foster organization applications layer which can be gotten to in any Cisco offered programmable parts and will empower specialist co-op and server farm use cases.

Cisco network learning courses are outlined to assist you with breaking into Cisco confirmation tests and other industry-perceived accreditation tests. These accreditations have high worth among bosses worldwide as they address remarkable abilities which are pertinent for different businesses like clinical, law, food, and drinks.

Cisco Network Learning Career Prospects and Placement

Arranging your IT profession and developing ahead your IT vocation stepping stool is simpler with Cisco Network Learning. Indeed, it likewise supports your expertise among managers. Most importantly, it shows a stronger portfolio than any time in recent memory. At the point when you are simply beginning at a section stage or advancing through various certificates, pick Cisco Network to propel your profession in an innovative way.

8) Take Courses in Cyber Security to Help The Nation

Course Overview

Digital protection courses are picking up more speed than previously. As we as a whole are changing to digitalization, programmers and cyberterrorists have tremendous chances to go after people, government divisions, and, surprisingly, enormous corporations. To remain protected from digital endeavors and security breaks top organizations are prepared to pay an attractive compensation to network safety specialists who can defend their information and stay away from weaknesses.

The Cyber security courses center around showing PC working frameworks safeguarding strategies, organizations, and information assurance hacks. You additionally get knowledge about observing frameworks and alleviating dangers when they happen.

Network safety Courses

What you will gain from Cyber Security Courses-

Fundamental Data Analysis

Fundamental Scripting or Introductory Programming

Digital Defense and Cyber Threats

Crucial Security Design Principles

Data Assurance Fundamentals

Introduction to Cryptography and Networking Concepts

IT Systems Components and System Administration

Strategy, Legal, Ethics, and Compliance

Digital protection Course vocation prospect and position

Digital protection isn’t your typical 9 to 6 calls. All in all, it requests more devotion. All the more significantly a ton of work to keep yourself refreshed with the most recent patterns in the field. Specifically, you really want to settle issues by thinking from the shoes of a programmer. There is no immediate passage to a digital protection profession.

The vast majority of them complete their software engineering graduation. Or on the other hand, move from their current IT job to seek a Cyber security career. Both are great ways of starting out as a network safety expert. The typical compensation for a novice as a digital protection expert in India is 4 Lakhs for every annum.

9) QA Software Testing Training Course

best software courses
best software courses

Course outline:

One of the most amazing software courses sought after is programming quality testing. It is the course of confirmation of a program or framework, to check in the event that it is on par with the benchmark guidelines in the area of study. In a word, the course gives you information about repairing the bugs in the wake of identifying the errors.

One of the most incredible software courses for Freshers is Selenium. Being open-source programming, many organizations pick Selenium to prepare for its testing and mechanization. With the rising fame of Selenium, Selenium experts are popular in many top associations in the event that they have rich information and aptitude in carrying out the functions.

What you will realize in the programming quality testing course-

DevOps and Agile Methodology


Web and Mobile Technologies


Judicious Analysis and Logical Thinking

Long-range interpersonal communication

Testing Tools and Techniques


Programming Quality testing Course Career Prospects and Placements

Programming QA analyzers center especially around testing programming to keep away from bugs in any application. They additionally examine the UI for productivity for simple access of the product by clients.

The IT business is consistently on the ascent for testing experts. It is anticipated to beat different businesses with its demand increase of 5-7% consistently. In this way, AttainU is guaranteeing jobs in the IT business with great job development and quality programming testing courses.

The product QA expert draws a fair compensation running between 4-7 Lakhs per annum. Seriously thrilling that Forbes has recorded programming QA analyzers as one of the Happiest Jobs. So would you say you are eager to pick the QA profession in the IT industry? Then, at this point, the Software Quality analyzer course is the best decision for you to get a direct entry into a rewarding position.

10) Business Intelligence Certification with SAS

SAS Business Intelligence course tends to offer exhaustive information on the different methods to become proficient with SAS Web report studio, SAS OLAP server, Platform for SAS business examination, SAS Enterprise Guide, and SAS Add-in for Microsoft office programming. At the end of the day, preparing for SAS BI gives you the openness to dominate the high-level investigation and reveal insights utilizing the SAS business knowledge.

What you will gain from SAS Business Intelligence Certification courses-

Acquire essential information on various ideas of business knowledge and applications.

Comprehend factual speculations supporting information mining processes.

Most importantly, learn center business knowledge and information mining methods.

Use of business knowledge and information mining strategies and techniques to determine business issues.

SAS Business Intelligence Course Career Prospects and Placements:

In a word, Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a sort of programming suite. As such, it is created to help experts and information researchers process, control, and investigate information from different sources. Running against the norm, it is additionally intended for informing the executives, prescient investigation, and business insight processes. In the event that you are anticipating clearing a confirmation or striving to further develop your information abilities, SAS preparation is the best decision for a self-guided and profound reasonable growth opportunity.

As of now, there are many open positions for SAS BI engineers across the globe. Overall there is a climb in industry interest for confirmed SAS BI engineers. Best Salary Package is presented to them simultaneously. Normally, a SAS BI engineer with a certificate procures roughly 5 Lakhs for every annum.


There are a lot of courses that trend only for a certain time, so while taking up a course check the longevity, the implications of the course, and then enroll. Now, courses that are mentioned in the above article have sustainability, so make sure to look for such courses. Sign in for more information

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