WENZIO - project by Yngesh and Divya



About the project :

Wenzio is a video sharing service where user can watch, like, comment and upload their own videos, The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, Mobiles etc. Anyone can view Wenzio without having an account. However, you need to create a channel (it's free) if you plan to upload videos, add comments, or make playlists.

Backend :

  • The huge majority of the development tasks should center on the backend. The major aspects of the app like business rules, store/retrieving of data, and API generation, occur at the backend. 
  • So,here we are only focused on backend to built this application.

Technologies & DB Used :

  •  Node JS Express and Mongo db (version1) or Posgresql (version2)
  •  Node JS is a back-end runtime environment
  •  Express JS is a back-end web framework
  • Mongo DB is a database system(No SQL) & Postgresql (SQL)
  • =>In order to test HTTP request, we are using Postman to send sample requests.
  • =>For data management ,we are using Mongodb Atlas