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What is DevOps? 5 DevOps Engineer Skills You Must Have to Be Successful


Technology is growing day by day, and every day new software and applications are coming into the digital world to make people’s life easy and comfortable. Many businesses come on the internet; people do many things on the internet such as shopping, banking, business meetings, Hire cab, etc. DevOps Engineer Skills and application demands are rising as most entrepreneurs are doing their business online, and they need software or application as a platform to smoothly run their business.

Opportunities in the field of developing apps and software are at their peak. Seeing the enormous career scope and DevOps engineer jobs to create software and apps, students are moving towards development and automation. 

DevOps is one of the trending platforms for developing software, and many App developers and IT companies have already adopted it to enhance their production and delivery time by which their clients feel more comfortable and do their business with ease. 

In this article, we have discussed what DevOps is and what are the essential DevOps Engineer Skills that you must master to become a successful engineer. 

Going further, you will also learn skills required for a DevOps engineer, DevOps engineer roles and responsibilities, how to become DevOps engineer, what does a DevOps engineer do, a DevOps engineer salary, and more things in detail.

What Is DevOps?

Development of the software application mainly consists of software build cycles and IT operations, and DevOps is the process of doing Development and IT Operations together, known as DevOps. In other words, you can say the production of the software, deployment, and operation done by only one team with better communication and collaboration is termed DevOps. Before DevOps came into practice, the software development and IT operation team did not work as a team. They worked in isolation which is more time-consuming and less efficient.

Benefits Of Having DevOps Engineer Skills

DevOps-Engineer skills

  • It cut the distance between the development team and the IT operation team.
  • DevOps focuses on the entire process of development, deployment, and operation of the Software development and business alacrity.
  • It makes the software development process cost and time efficient.
  • DevOps ensures the end-to-end responsibility of each DevOps engineer for the entire project.
  • Projects done under DevOps are mainly based on customer needs and their uses.

What Is a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer is the professional who plans, designs, and looks after the maintenance and operation of software applications. The DevOps team consists of these DevOps engineers who look after building cycles, testing, and operations of the software with good interaction and collaboration with other DevOps engineers. DevOps engineers must have skills like quick learning and problem-solving.

The basic job role of the DevOps engineer is to manage and improve the quality of the project, change and implement the codes of the software application, and look after its maintenance and operation.

Top 5 DevOps Engineer Skills You Must Have To Get High DevOps Engineer Salary

1] Automation

Software Automation is the most important process in the software build cycle, and it is often considered the heart of DevOps. In simple language, you can say that automating the DevOps lifecycle is known as Automation. 

Design, development, deployment, release, and monitoring of software applications are automated DevOps engineer skills set to secure human interaction and help them keep software free from human error.

Automation makes the DevOps process time-efficient and cuts the man-force, making it easy to manage the DevOps teams efficiently. It improves the speed, consistency, scalability, and flexibility of the entire DevOps process. 

DevOps processes like continuous delivery, infrastructure management, Software testing, and monitoring are automated depending on external factors like customer need and technological practicability.

2] Interaction And Inter-Connection

Interaction and interconnection are one of the most important DevOps engineer skills set required to become a professional DevOps engineer. Communication and collaboration have great value for an organization or team who are working together. The DevOps engineer needs to communicate with other team members to avoid any disputes and to maintain a healthy work environment. 

Interaction and interconnection is the basic principle of DevOps because  lack of communication can affect the creativity, efficiency, and results of the entire team. It also helps the organization to bring people of development and IT operation into the same platform to make the team work on the common goal of delivering high-performing software to their clients and customers.

3] Security

Security is the most important thing that you have to take care of as a DevOps engineer. DevOps engineer checks all about the security of the software application on which he/ she is working. 

While adding a new app feature or cloud service, DevOps engineers must have a secret eye on the app’s security and ensure that it is only accessible through verified resources. DevOps engineers think of security before infrastructural build cycles and software deployment takes place.

4] Operational Support

Once the software is designed and it gets deployed, the DevOps engineer’s job is to troubleshoot any problem which occurs during operation. Making quick decisions and emergency code-changing skills are much more required for operational support, and DevOps engineers must know about solving technical faults in different operating servers, such as Linux and Windows.

5] Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is another skill required to be a successful DevOps engineer. In today’s world, most companies are using cloud computing for their IT services. Cloud Computing helps DevOps engineers manage the software’s infrastructure landscape without any problem. 

You need a great understanding of the cloud services such as networking, virtualization, security, storage, and monitoring. Most companies and tech firms are using cloud computing for hosting their infrastructure applications and software. Cloud computing makes file transfer easy among DevOps teams while working on projects.  

Coding And Soft Skills – A Must Have DevOps Engineer Skills

Apart from the above DevOps engineer skills set, to become a good DevOps engineer, your coding skills must be up to the mark. You must have good knowledge of the programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Bash, and Python enough.

Decision-making skills, active listening, good speaking qualities, critical thinking skills, work ethics, and professional attitude are some of the soft skills needed to become a good and successful engineer.

What Are DevOps Engineer Roles And Responsibilities?

Making A Blueprinting Of The Project

Making plans, assigning job roles and responsibilities to the DevOps team members, and giving end-to-end responsibility is the first step of the DevOps engineer for the project.

Infrastructural Build Cycle

Using coding and scripting, making the infrastructural build cycles and testing the software application is the job role of a good DevOps engineer. Apart from that, the DevOps engineer jobs is to know how to troubleshoot the bugs and errors occurring in the infrastructural build cycle.

Deployment Of The Software

After the software application builds cycle and testing are over, the DevOps engineer deploys the software and monitors its performance.  

Continuous Delivery

A good DevOps engineer ensures the continuous delivery of the software application to the clients and customers on a regular basis, and they make sure that their clients don’t have to wait to add any new features to their software application.

Performance Check

Once the software gets deployed, a DevOps engineer has to look after the performance of the software, and he will have to be prepared to fix the errors and bugs if any things go wrong.

Improve The Quality Of The Software

A Good DevOps engineer always focuses on improving the quality of the software app by reducing the error and bugs in the software and making sure that the coding of the software is short.

How To Become DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer


To become a successful DevOps engineer, you have to learn the following skills:

  • Coding
  • Cloud computing
  • Automation skills
  • Operation support skills
  • Soft Skills
  • Improve decisions making skills

You must have a good command of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and also you will have to go through the DevOps training program to become a skilled DevOps engineer. All these skills can be learned by joining a reputed academy like AttainU.

 AttainU, DevOps Institute, Red Hat, Microsoft Academy, and Amazon web services are some of the educational platforms that provide DevOps Training certification courses.

What Is DevOps Engineer Salary?

The Average Salary of the DevOps engineer depends and varies on the position and responsibilities of the DevOps engineer. However, the Starting Salary of the DevOps engineer with no experience varies from 6,00,000 LPA to 8,00,000 LPA, while experienced DevOps engineers may go up to 1500000 LPA.

To Sum Up

DevOps is a very good and efficient method used in the development of software and application, while in the traditional method of developing software, there is a huge communication barrier between the Developers and IT operations that affect the development process lengthy. Making a career in DevOps is a very good choice, and many youngsters who have interest in coding are going for the DevOps Training certification courses to learn the DevOps Engineer Skills to become successful DevOps engineers.

If you are also planning to make your career as a DevOps engineer, then AttainU is the best platform where you can learn the skills required for a DevOps engineer. AttainU also helps you in getting placements in the biggest tech firms.


The digital world is expanding daily with the introduction of new software and applications that make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable.  Demands for DevOps Engineer skills and applications are growing as more and more business owners conduct their operations online and require software or applications as a platform.

The market for creating software and apps is ripe with opportunities. Students are gravitating toward development and automation due to the vast career opportunities and demand for DevOps engineers to produce software and apps.



1 What abilities are required of DevOps engineers?

Ans : Top 10 Skills for Professional DevOps Engineers

1) Cooperation and communication

2) Soft Skills and High Principles.

3) Knowledge of Applicable Tools

4) Security Knowledge.

5) Automation Knowledge.

6)Coding and scripting, 

7)Cloud Skills 

8) Skills evaluation.


2 Does DevOps require coding knowledge and skills?

Ans : Testing And Monitoring For Code Management:

You need to be familiar with some of the major coding languages, such as Python, if you want to join an elite DevOps team. The amount of coding that goes into a project is enormous if you work as a developer, which is another thing.

Do you wish to take a Python course in order to join a DevOps team? Click here to enroll in AttainU Python course for beginners.


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