White-Collar - professional social newtwork for job seekers and recruiters


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What are we trying to build?
We have built a professional social network for job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other in a semi-formal way.

+ A user can signup and then login to use the platform. Post videos/photos and informational content.
+ Users can follow each other to connect with each other.
+ Create your profile and update it with your latest skills and projects to attract attention.
+ Recruiter can post jobs. Likewise, job seekers can apply for them.
+ Search people in your area or specific companies to connect with them.
+ See what is trending and what people are talking about.

Technologies used:
+ Frontend : HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery.
+ Backend : Expressjs, Nodejs, Mongodb, Handlebars (templating engine)
+ Packages and modules : Bcrypt, Multer, Mongoose, Express-session, Cloudinary(for hosting images).
+ Deployment : Heroku, Mongodb Atlas.

Future scope of Improvement:
+ As the emphasis was on building a working model of the project in limited time, the frontend part suffered. There is a lot of scope for improvement there.
+ Posting and applying for jobs requires improvement.
+ A resume can be generated on the basis of profile details.
+ Sharing each other's posts can be implemented.
+ Messaging functionality.
+ Notification functionality.