AttainU - Online and Live Full Stack Web Development Course

Work Ready MERN Developers
No Recruitment Fee

Our Students spend 8 hrs a day
coding real world MERN projects
for 9 Months

Our intention based, 2 weeks of rigorous screening process allows only the best 1% students to become a part of this course

How It Works

Requirement Gathering from hiring partner (preferably on MERN)

We identify Suitable Candidates as per the hiring requirements

Data Sharing of suitable candidates with hiring partner

Hiring partner assesses candidates as per their own metric

Hundreds of companies have hired AttainU grads

Our graduates are working with some of the fastest growing startups. They have gone onto make a lasting impact in a multitude of settings including modern days startups and product based companies. Since 2019, AttainU has assisted 100+ companies.

Why Attainu?

Team Collaboration

Our students build 3 complete projects as part of the curriculum. They work in groups along with a project mentor. They follow agile software development methodologies.

Passionate & Creative

Our students demonstrate high levels of initiative throughout the course. Be it in scoping out the projects or participating in social activites.

Pre-Assessed Candidates

We share the profiles of only those students who clear our Final Placement Ready Test at the end of the course.

Candidate Diversity

Our students come from diverse backgrounds. From different industries and different cultures.

National Talent

Our online interactive course attracts the top engineering talent from across the country.

Year-Round Recruitment

We have batches graduating every month. Our graduates are available for a full-time job throughout the year.

Student Projects

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